Heading Image Generator for Notion

Why does this exist?

At Engine.so, I help businesses build and launch a knowledge base for their customers built entirely on Notion.

Through this process, I've received numerous requests for tools to make the process easier. This is one such tool.

Businesses want an easy way to create graphics for their knowledge base. Sure, you can do most design within Notion, but the ability to make on-the-fly branded graphics gives a whole new level of flexibility.

These graphics are useful all over the place. They can be used to create a more eye-catching getting started page. They can be used to divide content on large pages. Even used in a synced footer block with links to return to relevant pages.

As you can see, this can be valuable. But, nobody wants to fire up Adobe Illustrator to make these graphics.

This is your solution.

This tool provides just enough control to make whatever graphics you desire, but also lets you stay consistent in your branding.

Plus, this is just one of many tools that are coming down the pipeline. The end goal is to enhance every element of Notion and do it without complexity.

Hope you enjoy!

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