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* Note: This demo isn't functional yet, it's just for visual purposes

Our Demo —https://engine.so/demo/

Use a custom domain

Replace that ugly notion.so/g0bbledyg00k domain with yourdomain.com. Host your help docs at help.domain.com, your public wiki at wiki.domain.com, and your developer docs at api.domain.com

Prebuilt layouts

Use our pre-designed sidebar, top navigation, and search modal to make your docs easy to get around.

100% full-text searchable

We'll make your page indexable and searchable by content, headers, or anything else. Make it easy for your users to find things.

Why you'll Love Engine

As a developer, I ❤️ Notion. It's hands-down the quickest way for me to write detailed documentation for my code. It's convenient, keeps my thoughts organized, and lets me move on with my day.

But... there's a problem:

I can write these docs but it isn't easy to share them with end-users.

I can set the Notion page to public, but then it sits at an ugly notion.so domain. This isn't very professional, let alone performant.

I've tried other hosted notion services, but they're all general solutions and lack the specific features required for my use-case.

I need:

  • Automatic searchability
  • The best SEO Optimization
  • Easy, easy, easy built-in navigation

That's why I built Engine.

Now I can write my documentation in Notion and easily share it to the public. Engine comes with pre-built components to handle all the functionality I don't want to build twice, and offers great searchability, navigability, and SEO-ability.

- Spencer, Founder of Engine

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