Engine vs. Super

Publish your Notion developer guides, knowledge bases, internal wikis, API references, and more.

What is Super?

Super adds a custom domain to your notion pages. It's great as general-purpose notion hosting and offers quite a bit of flexibility. The flipside of this is that it needs custom code to add more powerful functionality.

What is Engine?

Engine does more than add a custom domain. Engine gives those pages out-of-the-box functionality through prebuilt widgets and layouts. Pages are quickly searchable so your customers won't struggle to find information.

So what does Engine do better?

Engine is built to run your business. We know your time is valuable, so we provide maximum functionality out of the box.

Prebuilt components

This will save you so much time. We'll provide a prebuilt navbar, search modal, and footer. This frees up time for you to make your content

Custom branding

Choose your fonts and design your website exactly how you want it to look. No need to write code, we'll give you easy options for this.

Full-text search

Make your blog, wiki, and docs fully searchable. Don't put the burden on your audience, give them every tool to easily interact with your website.

Preview then Publish

Edit in Notion and watch a live preview of your docs update automatically. Ready to publish? Click 1 button and publish in seconds.

Engine does more than convert your Notion pages to a website, it converts your Notion pages to a solution.


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